water fuel hho

Water Fuel HHO

water fuel hho Diagram

water fuel hho Diagram

Hydrogen gas has a much higher flame speed than regular gasoline and acts as a catalyst to help the gasoline burn more cleanly and completely. This is why only a small amount of hydrogen is needed. We use Hydrogen gas not to replace the gasoline, but to assist the gasoline. It’s common knowledge that only about 30% of the fuel (gas or diesel) that you put in your vehicles gas tank is not burned during the engines combustion process. Diesel engines will expell the unburned fuel directly out of the vehicles exhaust pipe. Gasoline engines use a catalytic converter, so that the wasted fuel can be destroyed by burning before exhausting. Very inefficient use of resource. Even with the best computers and brainless brains in the auto industry and enviromental hacks in government, they don’t get it.

The youtube below explains some technical stuff

All over the country a movement is on,in garage shops and small businesses to bypass government, use the web,to reach the people using water to run cars, trucks, motorhomes,and even motorcycles. Water Fuel HHO Process happens currently, by injecting a small amount of hydrogen gas into your vehicles engine mixed with your normal fuel will greatly improve the fuels Octane rating to about 140 Octane, much better than the 91 Octane that you get at gas stations. This causes a chain reaction with your gasoline to make it dramatically increase your vehicles horsepower and produce a complete burning of all the fuel in your vehicles gas tank. Every hydrogen company on the internet claims that their hydrogen systems are the best available. Research and development in garage shops and small businesses are engineering Hydrogen on Demand systems. Some companies have been building custom Hydrogen generators for over 5 years, with well over 10,000 systems currently sold to date. The is not a fly by night project any more, but a real grass root movement to solve or energy crisis with American ingenuity
There are real companies with a real manufacturing shops and retail stores, with “Patent Pending” designs.Water to Fuel HHO

There is no question that hydrogen technology works, it’s been around for over 100 years. You just have to find a system that you like and a real company that you can trust to be there when you need them. We encourage you to do your homework!

There are a lot of companies making and selling their version of a hydrogen kits out of their basements and garages these days. This has created thousands of “backyard engineers” that you need to be leery of.

Please be careful to use well tested and established companies when choosing to purchase your HHO Generator.

If you’re looking for the best Hydrogen system that you can buy, just Type in HHO in Google or any search engine, review each and decide.
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