SensorPush-new Product

I purchased the Sensor Push from Amazon a few months back. If you need to monitor temperature and humidity outdoors, indoors refrigerator, RV, workshop, or /and green house, under the house, in the garage anywhere you choose. The app for the Android that links this module is superb. The detail is excellent and one can use the data in many ways including sending it out as a cvs file for other uses.

Don’t have to read it daily. The module retains the data for 21 days. So take a trip for a couple of weeks  and don’t miss anything. And to make it better the Sensor Push is coming out with a WIFI module. Then you would be able to see it from anywhere as long as you have the internet connection.

What makes the Sensor Push module good is simple. The module and App work every time. Its well done and I am looking forward to the WIFI Module.

Sensor Push App

Sensor Push App

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