DIY Do it Yourself

DIY for Alternative Energy is very important today. People doing what they can to improve our life is a God given and Constitutionally given right. We don’t have to be subject to man’s requirement to pay all the pulpers of this world. We in USA can build and design our better world. About the only good thing left on the internet is the ability to share ideas. That’s why I created this blog 7 years ago. Lots of old stuff and new stuff

  • I find Pinterest a good starting point for ideas. Ten Best DIY Ideas
  • Instructable was very good at the start, but now own by autodesk is more of a profit type site. which can be good if have good idea of what you want to do an are willing to release some toward that idea. Also the search tool comes up with a lot garbage. Solar Energy Alternative Energy is even worse. Quotes don’t matter in searching. A paid site ought to be better than this.
  • ENEVIENTA is like us with several articles on DIY and other stuff. There is another link to 8 new DIY ideas that interesting.
  • For Information for all that matters in energy RENEWABLEENERGYWORLD.COM. Excellent writer, excellent articles. A must see in keeping current. I have reviewed many of their articles in this website.